Current Workshops:

COEx: Making great dance music through CollaborationObservation, and Experimentation

Spring/summer workshop dates:

Wed. April 26, Wed. June 7, Wed. July 19

Spring/summer jam/practicum dates: 

Wed. May 10, Wed. June 21


Each workshop is sliding scale $10-20; Jam/practicum sessions are free

RSVP via my contact page  for the exact address, and to reserve your spot. All events are 7-9pm. This is a drop-in series: come when you can!

Additional information:


Open to musicians of all backgrounds and levels, this monthly workshop series will explore techniques/skills to make contra dance music interesting, engaging, and exciting! The workshops are geared towards anyone who is interested in augmenting their skills/techniques for playing dance music. This is not instrument or experience-specific: bring the instrument(s) and experience you have!

During our workshops we will discuss Observations of how musicians use different techniques/elements to create exciting dance music, Collaborate with each other to figure out how to create the elements we want to hear, and Experiment creating music with selected techniques/elements. We will then Observe how we were successful and what we need to improve. From there we will continue the cycle through Collaboration and Experimentation.

Both the workshops and jams will feature conversation about creating music, as well as the opportunity to play music together. However, the workshop will be more conversation-focused while the jams are more music-focused.

Our jam/practicum sessions are free, though they will not be your typical jam session. You may choose to bring sheet music or to play by ear, but the focus will be Experimenting with the ideas we have discussed during the workshop. Thus during the jam we will also be using our Observation and Collaboration skills to listen to each other and provide verbal feedback.